Marchathon & Virtual Marchathon


Centaurus High School Marching Band is preparing for its 2023 competition season, which means that our annual Marchathon is coming up soon. On Saturday, August 26, 2023, the marching band will don their uniforms and “march” door-to-door throughout our BVSD-CHS “neighborhood” (over 10,000 homes). Our band is a point of community pride, and the students work hard all day, meeting our neighbors and soliciting financial support! The Lafayette/Erie community always comes through in a big way for the Centaurus Warriors Marching Band, and it’s extremely important that every student participates in this fun (and essential) day of fundraising. Parent volunteers are always needed to drive and to serve lunch.


Virtual Marchathon

During summer Band Camp, students will mail, email, tweet and tag friends and family living outside of Lafayette with this “virtual” appeal. The social media/letter-writing campaign extends our annual door-to-door Marchathon event’s reach beyond people living in Centaurus’ home area (Lafayette and parts of Erie).

Centaurus Band Boosters (aka 759 Club) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides critical financial and volunteer support to Centaurus High School Band Programs.