What Is Winter Guard?

  • It is a beautiful blend of movement and dance with technical routines of flags, rifles, and sabres performed indoors, to recorded music.
  • We are judged and scored, and compete with other groups to become better in our art and sport.
  • We complement the Color Guard in the fall Marching Band program.
  • Check out our upcoming schedule (November-April) on the Google Calendar on our Home Page

Note for Students and Parents about Winter Programs

  • Winter Guard is an extracurricular activity and there is a participation fee. Fees for winter guard are $500 per student. $250 of the fee is due November 14, and the remaining $250 is due December 2. Students MUST be up to date on all Marching Band and Winter Program payments, or have made arrangements with the Band Booster Treasurer in order to attend practice. Please see the payment policy on the website for more details https://centaurusband.org/parent-guide/.

2022 Season

To be announced!

Season: 2022

2021 Season

No Season

Season: 2021

2020 Season

Beneath the Surface

Season: 2020

Season cut short due to COVID-19

2019 Season

Burning House

Season: 2019

2018 Season


Season: 2018

2017 Season


Season: 2017

2016 Season


Season: 2016

2015 Season


Season: 2015

This is the 2nd season of Winter Guard at Centaurus. They moved up in class this season to Independent Regional A. The group has done well this season, scoring in the top 3 in their class.

2014 Season


Season: 2014

Congratulations to Centaurus Winter Guard on their first season!