Annual Family Contribution (AFC) Payment Policy

Annual Family Contributions (AFC) are to be paid in two payments: on the first day of Mini Band Camp in June, and on the first day of Band Camp in July unless other prior arrangements for payment are made with the Treasurer or payments are made in full. These payments can be made in cash, check or via Zelle or PayPal (Note: PayPal adds a 3% surcharge). Positive account balances in CHARMS will automatically be applied to a student’s outstanding balance.


Band Grants are available for any student who may need financial assistance to participate in any band program. Grant applications are due one week before AFCs and/or Winter Programs fees are due. The Centaurus Band Boosters will give grants up to 50% for program fees and provides ample opportunity to fundraise the rest through our family fundraisers. The Centaurus Band Boosters does not grant financial assistance for trips.


AFCs are non-refundable.


Students who have outstanding balances in CHARMS will not be allowed to participate in winter programs until their account is paid in full or payment arrangements are made with the Treasurer.