Stan's Automotive

How it works

Stan’s is generously offering full-service oil changes for just $17.50 each when you purchase a 4-pack coupon benefiting Centaurus Band. There is no expiration date and no hitch. Basically, you pay $50 for your 4-pack coupon, which entitles you to an oil change for just $5 at the time of service (total cash outlay for 4 oil changes = $70). Students earn $50 per purchase toward their individual CHARMS account. Please take a moment to review The Fine Print (consumer details) online.

How does it work? 

You sell for $50 a four-pack of printed coupons good for four “free” Get up to four sets ($200) of Stan’s coupons.

  1. During the designated sale dates (check your email for dates). Bring a check to practice made out to Centaurus Band Boosters for $50 per coupon pack.
  2. Sell your coupons to family, neighbors, etc. for $50 and keep the money as reimbursement. 
  3. Any unsold coupons can be returned at the end date for a full refund. No returns after that date. 

What else do I need to know? 

  • Sellers and Purchasers should read: 
  • Coupons are worth $60 toward a synthetic oil change
  • You can “sell” coupons beforehand and bring checks made out to CBB from your friends and neighbors.

This fundraiser has the highest return to students and we’ve had people sell many hundred dollars of coupons.  Get started now! 

Questions? Stan’s Automotive Fundraiser Coordinator: Kendall Powell

Important Dates

Spring/Summer 2024- TBA