OZO Whole Bean Coffee

How it works:
Sell 12-oz. compostable bags of premium, whole bean, craft roasted OZO coffee, directly sourced from farmers. For each bag of OZO's ethically sourced and sustainably grown coffee sold for $15, students earn $5.75 credit for their individual CHARMS account. We have a Student Sales Guide to help make sales efforts successful and provide background on OZO to share with customers.  We have also created a shareable Form Letter for students to use who would like to email information about the coffee sales to those who may want to support the band or have a leave-behind for repeat customers. Click here to download our latest Coffee Variety Offerings and Sales Order Form.

Questions? Ozo Coffee Fundraiser Coordinator: Sara Castellano

2021-22 Fundraising Dates:

Fall 2021: Sell 9/06 - 9/16; Payment due 9/16 ; Coffee delivery 09/24

Winter 2021: Sell 11/18 - 12/9; Payment due 12/9; Coffee delivery 12/16

Spring 2022: Sell 3/17 - 3/31; Payment due 3/31; Coffee delivery 4/8



World’s Finest Chocolate

How it works:

This is historically our easiest and most popular fundraiser. Students order (WFC order form) and purchase full cases of 60 chocolate bars for $60. The chocolate bars sell themselves for $1 each and come in easy-to-carry cases.  Students earn $27 per case towards their individual CHARMS account.

Questions? World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Coordinators: Preston and Christine Appel

2021-22 World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Dates:

Fall 2021:  Orders and Payment due 9/23;  Chocolate delivery 10/07

Spring 2020: Orders and Payment due 1/31; Chocolate delivery 2/7

Holiday Plants

How it works:
Sell Holiday Plants (quality Poinsettias, Christmas Cacti, and Succulent Gardens) and 40% of your total sales will go into the student's CHARMS account. This sale is a long-standing CHS Band tradition and is well-received by local businesses, CHS administration, teachers, and band alumni families. Click here to download our latest Student Sales Guide and Sales Form.

Questions? Holiday Plants Fundraiser Coordinator: Margaret McKee Cooper

2022 Holiday Plants Fundraiser Dates:

Sell 10/28 - 11/10; Payment due 11/10

Plants will be ready for pick up between 3:30-6:00 pm 12/2

Please deliver your plants to your customers by Saturday, 12/4

2020-21 Winter Percussion Ensemble

Winter Percussion Ensemble is about to embark on their 2021 season!

“What is Winter Percussion or Indoor Percussion?” WGI definition:

 Winter Guard Int’l (WGI) Percussion ensembles consist of the marching percussion (also called battery) and front ensemble (also called pit) sections of a marching band or drum corps. Indoor percussion marries elements of music performance, marching, and theater; thus, the activity is often referred to as percussion theater.

For a lot of students, it’s also a way of surviving after marching band season is over! Come check out and join the 2021 CHS Winter Percussion Ensemble (WPE).  The CHS WPE is the 2019 reigning RMPA Scholastic A State Champion, and we are looking forward to another fantastic season performing.  WPE is a tight knit group of students, parents and staff that share a passion for music, performance and community. WPE is also an opportunity for students/musicians to try instruments in the percussion realm. Do you play piano, bass guitar or drum set? We need you!!!

We will have a lot of fun! Please see the WPE upcoming schedule below:

“Check it Out Night” on Wednesday November 4th 6:00-8:00p.m.

Tuesday 11/10 Audition Clinic 6:00-8:00pm.

Thursday 11/12 Auditions in 5min. blocks from 7:00-9:00p.m.

Saturday 11/14 First Practice in a two hour block from 10:30am-3:30pm.

Saturday 11/14 Virtual Parent Meeting 5:00-5:30p.m.

For the months of November and December we will be practicing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (please see our handbook)


To be in compliance with district protocols all participants must fill out this form prior to the 11/4 date- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aJLUXd9ExQ7vPu3SixoWYoRf8YOrNg7r/view?usp=sharing
And this form each time they enter the school for a practice or rehearsal-

King Soopers Loyalty Cards & Safeway Reloadable Grocery Cards

Earn money for the band programs each time you buy groceries or gas with your King Soopers and Safeway grocery cards. Use the cards at any Kroger-owned (King Soopers) or Albertsons-owned (Safeway) grocery store, and these generous companies donate 5% to our General Fund. Learn more about how to get your cards and how to earn year-round for the band without spending anything extra.