Board Help : Calendars

1. There is a main Band calendar called Centaurus Bands. This is displayed on all the Band Program pages(Jazz, Marching, Concert). This is for events that are across all the band programs.
2. There are individual band calendars for each program. Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Marching Band calendars will display events on their respective band program page on the website.
3. There are section groups that are used under the Marching Band program. These are Brass, Color Guard, Percussion(has 3), and Woodwinds. If an event is specific to these sections, you should add them to their calendars. These calendars are not really being used that much.
4. Winter Percussion and Winter Guard have their own calendars.

If you announcing a Marching Band rehearsal/camp, I'd use the Marching Band calendar.
If you're announcing a fundraiser deadline that spans Concert, Jazz and Marching Band, I would use the Centaurus Bands calendar.
For things like Interest meetings, I would use the Centaurus Bands calendar to make sure it is seen by all programs.

Each calendar can be subscribed to and can be found on the page.