2022-23 Centaurus Band Instrument Appeal

Dear Students, Parents, Alumni, Friends and Family of the Centaurus Band,

First and foremost, thank you for supporting the students in the Centaurus Band! Without your help, the students in our band would be playing on instruments that are over 50 years old, outdated or inadequate for their level of performance. The instruments you help purchase provide opportunities that student level (the beginning level of instrument production) and old/broken instruments cannot. This year I'm asking for help purchasing Concert tubas, collegiate/professional level silver-plated trumpets, more marching baritones and mellophones for our growing program and flugelhorns to be used during jazz, concert, and marching music. As the band progresses and grows, your donation is even more important in assuring that nothing holds back the growth of the students at Centaurus HS. Thank you for considering a donation to the band program at Centaurus, and I hope that the work the students do makes you proud!

Aaron Vogelsberg


Mr. V's 2022 Wishlist

  • 2 King concert tubas ($4500)
  • 3 King mellophones ($1600)
  • 3 John Packer marching baritones ($1500)
  • 2 Silver-plate flugelhorns ($1350)
  • 3 Silver-plate trumpets ($1200)