Board Help : Sponsors and Donors

Adding Sponsors and Donors to the Website

Sponsors and Donors work very similarly. There is a piece for Sponsors only that will be explained after this section, so don't skip that part if you're doing Sponsors.


To add a new Sponsor/Donor, navigate to the "Add New" under their section in the dashboard.

When creating a new Sponsor/Donor, there are three pieces of information that are needed.

  1. Title: Sponsor Name
  2. Level:
    1. Donor
      1. Door Prizes
      2. Gift Card
      3. Live Auction
    2. Sponsor
      1. Platinum
      2. Gold
      3. Silver
      4. Bronze
      5. Regional -- If the sponsor is also a regional sponsor, their logo will appear in the carousel on the CBA Regionals page.
      6. Home Page -- If the sponsor logo is to appear on the carousel on the home page.
  3. Feature Image: Sponsor Logo (height and width should be the same)

Once this information is added, click Publish and it will appear on the carousels.

Note: If the image isn't square, the sides will be chopped off.


Sponsor Only

There is a dedicated page that displays the sponsors by Level. This page doesn't automatically use the Sponsor Level that you just entered yet.

Edit the Sponsor page by navigating to

Locate the Level you want to add the sponsor to and click the Edit button on the Image Grid for that Level.

When the Image Grid editor pops up, Click the Add button to add a new logo.

Expand the last Image item and Select the logo using the Choose Media button.

After it is selected, click the Done button.

Once that is complete, click the Publish button to save the changes. If you have any issues, please reach out to me at