Board Help : Posts that Expire

What are posts that expire?

Posts that expire are posts that disappear from the website after their expiration date. This is useful for events that you only want to be displayed for a short period of time. This is a timesaver because you do not have to come back into the website to remove the post.


They are not automatically hidden on the menu if the post was added to the menu.


In addition, the post can be updated and shown again if you ever need it. That information is not lost.


Every post on the Website can be set to expire.

To set a post to expire, enter the date/time you want the post to no longer be displayed. Unfortunately, time is in GMT and can be confusing.

Me personally, I set it to expire at 7 am the day after I want it hidden.

Also, set the option to "DRAFT" for How to expire. This will make sure the post is still available after this date if you ever need it again.

If you post just isn't showing up under the Fundraiser section, check the expiration date first.