Board Help : Pages vs Posts

The most difficult thing about the website is the difference between Pages and Posts.

Pages: These are large containers on the website that hold a lot of content. The main ones are

  1. Home Page
  2. Regional Page
  3. Disney Page
  4. Band Program Pages(Jazz, Marching, Concert)
  5. Fundraiser Page and Family Fundraiser Page.

Ok, but what are posts?

Posts are smaller sections of content that are displayed on the pages.

The Band Program Pages and Fundraiser Pages display posts that are categorized for that page. SAY WHAT?!??!

Here is a screenshot of the Winter Percussion Page.

The Winter Percussion Page contains some static text and a bunch of posts. The nice thing about Posts is, I can write a single post and have it appear on multiple pages. We're jumping ahead and will get to that shortly.

Let's create a new POST for the 2019 Winter Percussion Season.

In the Dashboard, select Posts --> Add New.

Fill in the text.

Under Categories, select the area(s) of the website you want this post displayed in.

I have selected Winter Percussion, but if I wanted to, I could select Marching Band or Jazz Band too. I can choose as many as I like and only have to create the content once. If this was a page, I would have to create the content on every page I wanted it to display on. But because we're using posts inside of pages, I can create a single post and it can appear on multiple pages.

I set a Featured Image located on the bottom of the right sidebar. This is the picture that appears next to the text on the Winter Percussion page.

Lastly, I publish the post.


When I refresh the Winter Percussion page, my new post appears! Posts are displayed in the order they are most recently updated, with the most recently updated ones appearing at the top.


Ok, but what about Fundraisers?

I started off slow with the Winter Percussion page to demonstrate the functionality. Now let's get into the fun stuff.

From the dashboard, Navigate to Posts --> All Posts and change the category dropdown to Fundraisers or Family Fundraisers, then click FILTER.

This will display a list of current fundraisers. In order to add a new one, perform the steps like we did above and choose the correct category when creating the post.

You can edit any of the existing fundraisers. When you update the post, that post will now appear first on the Fundraiser/Family Fundraiser page. Remember, it's sorted by most recently modified items first.


What to do if you post isn't displaying.

  1. Make sure you have the correct category selected.
  2. Make sure the post isn't set to Private or Draft(set to Public).
  3. Make sure it's not set to expire.