Make sure you check out the Volunteering page to get set up to help our kids and the band be successful.

We need every family to participate!

Band Forms

Here are the required band participation forms that need to be filled out:
Band Handbook (Coming Soon)
Others have to be printed:
Form F     Lettering Worksheet 
Not included in this year's handbook!  This form will be talked about with the students and handed out at a later date.

Band Camp

With Band Camp starting Monday, July 22nd, it is important to have your student bring the following items:
Dot Book (if you don't know what this is, please wait to buy until after our meeting on Monday night)
3 ring binder with bendable cover (this will also be talked about at the meeting)
Ice Water in a large water jug
Sack lunch
Tennis shoes and athletic, light-colored clothes
Each student's time on the field is very important to the success of the band, so students should do everything they can do to ensure their full participation during rehearsals. The band will be outside most of the day, so students should be prepared to take good care of themselves at rehearsal and at home. While at rehearsal, students are expected to have water, sunscreen and a hat at all times. If a student should not have one of these items, they should see a staff member, drum major or section leader and we will be happy to make sure that they get what they need. At home, all students should start each camp day with a nutritious breakfast. Students should also start hydrating themselves at home, before and after rehearsals. Students should be proactive in preparing for time out in the sun. There is a lot that students can do to prevent heat-related issues from happening.
The annual parent kickoff meeting will be held in the Centaurus Band Room from 7:00-8:00 pm. We will cover what to expect during band camp and this marching season. I will also talk about competitions and where we currently need volunteers. Additionally, we will have a few members of the boosters talk about communication, fundraisers and volunteer forms. Please do everything you can to attend this meeting! With the move to 4A, I want to ensure that the kids are set up for success and parents are a HUGE part of their success!

Annual Family Contribution (AFC) Payment Policy

  • Annual Family Contributions (AFC) are to be paid in two payments: on the first day of Mini Band Camp in June, and on the first day of Band Camp in July unless other prior arrangements for payment are made with the Treasurer or payments are made in full.  These payments can be made in cash, check or via Zelle or PayPal. Positive account balances in CHARMS will automatically be applied to the most outstanding balance. 
  • Band Grants are available for any student who may need financial assistance to participate in any band program. Grant applications are due one week before AFCs and/or Winter Programs fees are due. The Centaurus Band Boosters will give grants up to 50% for program fees and provides ample opportunity to fundraise the rest through our family fundraisers. The Centaurus Band Boosters does not grant financial assistance for trips.
  • AFCs are non-refundable.
  • Students who have outstanding balances in CHARMS will not be allowed to participate in winter programs until their account is paid in full or payment arrangements are made with the Treasurer.

General Information

  • All-Parent "Band Booster" meetings – The Band Boosters is the name referring to all band student parents. Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the CHS band room and last approximately one hour. All are invited to attend! This is a great place to hear what is going on, what is coming up, and meet other parents. See the band website for up-to-date meeting dates and times (occasionally days/times need to be changed).
  • New Parent meetings – There is a Band Booster meeting for new families in March that will provide you with lots of information regarding Marching Band.  There is also a mandatory parent meeting on the 1st day of band camp at 7pm in the CHS band room.  It is very important that you stay informed about the wonderful things our children and the band are accomplishing, and how you can support them!
  • Fundraising – The band offers many opportunities to raise money towards the band's overall budget and students' individual fees. See the Fundraising tab on the band website or contact the Fundraising Coordinator for more information.
  • Volunteering - We ask families to do what they can. It takes approximately 18 hours per family to cover all the volunteer hours needed throughout the year. You will get to know what your student is learning and doing and know what questions to ask. Sign up through the Volunteering tab on the band website, and watch for emails to come out requesting specific volunteer help throughout marching season.
  • Band Booster Requests - In the early part of the school year expect to receive a lot of information and requests from the Band Booster leaders. The information will include upcoming rehearsal and competition schedules, important meeting information, updates on how the band is doing at performances, and more. The requests could comprise anything from needing volunteers at a competition, to asking for help building props, to preparing food prior to a competition.
  • Leadership - Aaron Volgelsberg is the director and has instructors that help out in the summer. Drum Majors are students that are selected through auditions to lead the marching and pep band under Mr. V.'s direction. Section Leaders are upper classmen appointed by Mr. V and are responsible for their section to know the music and drill for the season's show. The Band Booster Board works with Mr. V to have a successful season and set goals for the future.
  • Band Camp – This is a very important time to kick-off a successful season. The kids come together as a group working to accomplish a huge goal – learning the music and marching drill that will be their performance in competitions and at halftime shows at home football games. It is hard work. Mr. V sends out a detailed letter about Band Camp Do’s and Don’ts in the summer.
  • Practices – These are typically held two days per week after school, usually from 6 – 9 pm, and all day on Saturdays.
  • Competitions – These are held at high schools around the state. Competitions are an all-day affair, often early morning until around midnight, and are held on Saturdays. Regional and State competitions are held in October on weekdays. See the Calendar/Events tab and watch your email for more details about upcoming competitions. CHS is the reigning 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, AND 2016 3A State Champions!!  In 2017 we are moving to Class 4A, which will provide us with more competition and the ability to further improve our program!  This is a very exciting time for the Marching Band Program!
  • Websites – for more information: