OZO Whole Bean Coffee

How it works:
Sell 16-oz. bags of premium, whole bean, craft roasted coffee, directly sourced from farmers. Full pound bags are just $17 (compare value with 12-oz. bags of grocery store coffee).  Students earn $6 credit per bag for their individual CHARMS account. We have a Student Sales Guide to help make sales efforts successful and provide background on OZO to share with customers.  We have also created a shareable Form Letter for students to use who would like to email information about the coffee sales to those who may want to support the band or have a leave-behind for repeat customers. Click here to download our latest Coffee Variety Offerings and Sales Order Form.

Questions? Ozo Coffee Fundraiser Coordinator: Amy Dunbar-Wallis

2019-20 Fundraising Dates:

  • Summer 2019: Sell 5/28 - 6/13; Payment due 6/13; Coffee delivery 6/21
  • Fall 2019: Sell 9/19 - 10/3; Payment due 10/3/19; Coffee delivery 10/11
  • Winter 2019: Sell 11/21 - 12/5; Payment due 12/5; Coffee delivery 12/13
  • Spring 2020: TBD