Family Fundraisers

Family Fundraisers

The Centaurus Band Boosters (CBB) support the following product sales to help students and their families earn funds for band expenses not covered by the CBB’s General Fund. Proceeds from these product sales will be directly credited to each student's CHARMS account and will be applied to the most outstanding (aging) fee first. Fees may include (but are not limited to) Annual Family Contributions, winter program fees, instrument rentals, sticks & mallets, color guard warm ups, etc. Once current expenses are paid in full, students may apply any surplus towards band-sponsored trips, special events or next year's fees. Any unused money in a senior's CHARMS account after graduation can be transferred to a sibling. Otherwise, it will be donated to the Band Boosters grants fund. Families cannot convert unused funds to cash.

This year’s Family Fundraisers include OZO Coffee, Stan's Automotive oil change coupons, Holiday Plants, World’s Finest Chocolate Bars, and Butter Braids. Checks only, cannot be accepted.  Visit this page often for the latest information, including downloadable order forms and sales tips as each fundraiser approaches.  

Questions?  Family Fundraisers Chairperson: Amy Stran Mitchell


OZO Whole Bean Coffee

How it works:
Sell 12-oz. compostable bags of premium, whole bean, craft roasted OZO coffee, directly sourced from farmers. For each bag of OZO's ethically sourced and sustainably grown coffee sold for $15, students earn $5.75 credit for their individual CHARMS account. We have a Student Sales Guide to help make sales efforts successful and provide background on OZO to share with customers.  We have also created a shareable Form Letter for students to use who would like to email information about the coffee sales to those who may want to support the band or have a leave-behind for repeat customers. Click here to download our latest Coffee Variety Offerings and Sales Order Form.

Questions? Ozo Coffee Fundraiser Coordinator: Amy Dunbar-Wallis

Can you spare a few hours 4x/year to coordinate this fundraiser? We need a new person for the 2020-21 year. Please email Lori Winslow or Amy Dunbar-Wallis  if you would like more details or are willing to volunteer.

2020-21 Fundraising Dates:

  • Summer 2020: Sell through 6/7-7/9; Payment due 7/9; Coffee delivery 7/17
  • Fall 2020: TBD
  • Winter 2020: TBD

Please dropoff and pickup Coffee Orders to the following address:

710 Pan Court, Lafayette, CO 80026



Poinsettias, Succulent Gardens and Christmas Cacti

How it works:
Sell Holiday Plants (quality Poinsettias, Christmas Cacti, and Succulent Gardens) and 40% of your total sales will go into the student's CHARMS account. This sale is a long-standing CHS Band tradition and is well-received by local businesses, CHS administration, teachers, and band alumni families. Click here to download our latest Student Sales Guide and Sales Form.

Questions? Holiday Plants Fundraiser Coordinator: Erin Moore

We need a new coordinator for this fundraiser for the 2020-21 year. Need more details about what's involved or ready to sign up? Contact Lori Winslow or Erin Moore.


2019-20 Holiday Plants Fundraiser Dates:

  • Sell 10/28 - 11/12; Payment due 11/12
  • Plants will be ready for pick up between 3:30-6:00pm 12/5
  • Please deliver your plants to your customers by Saturday, 12/7

Butter Braids


How it works:

Band students earn 40% of their total sales of Butter Braid pastries and cookie dough towards their CHARMS account.  This tried-and-true product is sold by bands all over Colorado and beyond. Surprise the family on a Saturday morning...who wouldn’t love to wake up to the smell of fresh-baked pastries? Makes a great gift too! 

Questions?  Butter Braids Fundraiser Coordinator: Kate Huth

2019-20 Fundraising Dates:

  • Sell 2/10 - 3/5
  • Payment due 3/5
  • Delivery on 3/30 (pick-up in Band Room 3:40-5:00 PM)

Please note that we do not have facilities to hold frozen pastries, so be sure to mark the pick-up date on your calendar!



World’s Finest Chocolate

How it works:

This is historically our easiest and most popular fundraiser. Students purchase full cases of 60 chocolate bars for $60. The chocolate bars sell themselves for $1 each and come in easy-to-carry cases.  Students earn $30 per case towards their individual CHARMS account.

Questions? World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Coordinators: Preston and Christine Appel

2019-20 World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser Dates:

  • Fall 2019: Purchase cases from 8-8:30 am from 10/11/19-11/8/19 (5 Fridays)
  • Spring 2020: Orders and Payment due 1/31; Chocolate delivery 2/7

Stan’s Auto 4-pack Oil Change

How it works:
Stan’s Automotive is generously offering full-service oil changes for just $17.50 each when you purchase a 4-pack coupon benefiting Centaurus Band.  There is no expiration date and no hitch. Basically, you pay $50 for your 4-pack coupon, which entitles you to an oil change for just $5 at the time of service (total cash outlay for 4 oil changes = $70).  Students earn $50 per purchase toward their individual CHARMS account. Please take a moment to review The Fine Print (consumer details) online.

Questions? Stan’s Automotive Fundraiser Coordinator: Heidi Ellis or cell: 303-810-2910 (preferred)

2019-20 Stan’s Automotive Fundraiser Dates:

  • April 2019
  • June 2019
  • September 2019
  • Spring 2020 – TBD