Band Camp

Full Band Mini Camp

Band Mini Camp is required for all band and color guard members, and occurs in June on a Friday evening and full day Saturday.

Band Camp

Band Camp is when the band learns the music and show for the competitive season. In addition to the show music, stand tunes and parade music are prepared as well as marching techniques and drill sets. Band camp is mandatory for all marching band and color guard students. Students will need to bring a sack lunch and snacks each day during band camp. Mr. Vogelsberg wants students on campus, eating lunch together. Please pack enough food and water to stay happy and energized all day.

All band forms are due June 15, 2018. If you have not yet completed forms, you must do so NOW. 

The 2018-19 Band Handbook will be available soon. Watch for notification by email later this summer.

With band camp starting Monday, it is important to have your student bring the following items:

Dot Book (if you don't know what this is, please wait to buy until after our meeting on Monday night)
3 ring binder with bendable cover (this will also be talked about at the meeting)
Ice Water in a large water jug (available at Target, Jax, Wal-Mart, etc.)
Sack lunch & snacks (Each student should bring his/her own lunch and plan to stay on campus; Mr. V. wants students to eat lunch as a group.)
Tennis shoes and athletic, light colored clothes

Each student's time on the field is very important to the success of the band, so students should do everything they can do to ensure their full participation during rehearsals. The band will be outside most of the day, so students should be prepared to take good care of themselves at rehearsal and at home. At home, students should start each camp day with a nutritious breakfast. Students should also hydrate themselves at home, before and after rehearsals. While at rehearsal, students are expected to have water, sunscreen, and wear a hat at all times. If a student should not have one of these items, they should see a staff member, drum major or section leader, and we will be happy to make sure that they get what they need. Students should be proactive in preparing for time out in the sun. There is a lot that students can do to prevent heat related issues from happening.

The annual parent kickoff meeting will be held in the CHS stadium from 7:00-8:00pm on July 23. All parents are expected to attend. We will cover what to expect during band camp and this marching season. Mr. V. will also talk about competitions and where we currently need volunteers. Additionally, we will have a few members of the Band Boosters talk about communication, fundraisers and volunteer forms. Please do everything you can to attend this meeting! Mr. V. wants to ensure that the kids are set up for success, and parents are a HUGE part of their success!